Are You Still Estimating with Spreadsheets?

CPQvision is a new product of Adatasol, a SaaS product development company, that focuses on improving the workflow of its users through vastly improved time and resource management.

CPQvision Success Story

Nidec-Avtron produces encoders and drives for machines. They came to us with a spreadsheet with a million cells and about 60 different worksheets. Their integration process consisted of uploading their spreadsheet to their website, which would allow customers to configure products in a very manual way. This process, however, did not allow their customers to price and quote their purchases.

We know how important user experience is in an online sales process. CPQ tools are designed to make this process easy not only for your team but for your customers as well!

How Can CPQvision Help?

We built a rules engine that let the system automatically adjust products based on what someone was configuring as it went along.

We made that rules engine very easy to use. It lets our customers modify the rules and add new products themselves.

CPQvision also integrates with CRM tools likes Salesforce to create a seamless sales process. If you are not already using a CRM, CPQvision has one built-in!

Nidec-Avrtons partnership with CPQvision has allowed them to improve their internal sales processes and created a better customer experience through automation.

Learn More About CPQvision

If you are still estimating using paper, spreadsheets, or an antiquated online app, check out our website and try our free demo to see the value CPQvision can provide you and your customers! We love a challenge, so don’t be shy – let us help you automate your sales process!

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