How to Convince Your Executives that Flexible Pricing is Important

How to Convince Your Executives that Flexible Pricing is Important

CPQvision is a pricing and quoting software that revolutionizes the salesforce workflow to help increase productivity, save money, and significantly reduce errors in the sales process.

As a sales engineer, you have a busy job and you’re always on the go. Having a CPQ software to help you organize and make your sales can dramatically improve your day-to-day tasks and your organization!

You’ve found the perfect software to do this, but how can you convince your executives that it’s worth it? There are five steps that you need to consider when trying to convince your executives about the importance of flexible pricing.

1. Think Strategically

This means having the end goal in mind when you start this conversation.

2. Education

It is important to help your leadership see the problem from your point of view and why it needs to be solved.

3. Make it Easy to Understand

You may fully understand the technical aspects of technology and CPQ software properties, but your executives might not. By using language that they can understand, you will be able to drive your point home.

4. Keep it Simple

In the same vein as speaking their language, you don’t want to overcomplicate your pitch. Address your struggles and present the value of the solution in terms they will not only understand, but that they can also sympathize with.

5. Find Your Champion

Choose the person in your company who you know will understand where you are coming from and wants to help you make your workflow better!

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