Manufacturers Boost Sales with CPQ Software

CPQvision is an easy-to-use sales improvement software that was designed to help businesses in any industry better manage their sales force. This week, we are sharing a case study where CPQvision was able to help a manufacturing customer dramatically improve their efficiencies and boost sales!

Manufacturer Case Study

This customer was an automation manufacturer that had an inside sales force and had no way for their customers to directly create quotes themselves. That was a challenge.

The first thing that CPQvision did for them was letting their customers directly create quotes. The inside sales team was still necessary for certain types of quotes.

Their customers were able to follow a self-guided process, and if they got to a point where the quote was too complex, they were referred to the inside sales force. But for 75% of customers, you were able to now quote directly. So, you can imagine the time and money this manufacturer was able to save just by allowing customers to be able to quote themselves in a web-based tool like CPQvision.

Since using CPQvision, this customer has had a 225% average time savings on quote to invoice and a 35% increase in sales conversion from quote to invoice. You can imagine the amount of time and money they have saved by using CPQvision!

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