Personalizing Your Digital Commerce

What Does Effective Digital Commerce Look Like?

In order to have effective digital commerce, you need to be able to provide two major features: excellent customer experience and flexible pricing.

Customizable Customer Experience

The best type of experience is one that fits your needs. An effective eCommerce system needs to provide the customer with options. Typically, if you have a configurable product, you need to be able to allow the customer to have all options available to them. This allows them to have the exact configuration that they need.

Flexible Pricing

You also need to provide a system that allows for flexible pricing. This could include discounts or upcharges. The customer shouldn’t see these options; they should be automatically presented to them.

Why Choose CPQvision?

Hybrid Selling Software

Sales software needs to provide a hybrid approach that includes the three following sales approaches:

  • The customer can have their own experience without the sales force.
  • The sales force is configuring a product and presenting the quote to the customer.
  • The typical sales experience where the sales force has the solution and provides the quote.

In today’s digital world, we need to have all three of these approaches at our disposal. CPQvision provides a customizable experience, flexible pricing, accessory features, as well as the three approaches above.

Learn More About Effective Digital Commerce

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