Strategies for Revenue Management

The pandemic has negatively affected a lot of things for us in the past year and a half. However, revenue management has not been one of those things, so how has the pandemic affected revenue management?

How has the Pandemic Affected Strategies for Revenue Management?

Unlike any other time in our recent history, year-over-year sales trends don’t apply and will not dictate the future. This means that you really need a robust tool to help you with your revenue management.

3 Reasons to Choose CPQvision

  1. You can use our sophisticated algorithms to establish a correlation in sales cycles.
  2. You can then apply those correlations to your most recent sales instead of year-over-year sales and weigh them more heavily.
  3. And then, you can apply that to seasonality if you need to.

The result of all this is that you can decide if you want to share more information in your sales cycle. You can define the cycles and what their effect is for seasonality. And then, you can apply a weight factor and decide should you weigh up to the minute observations or year-over-year or trends in the past.

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If you are interested in improving your sales and sales process, CPQvision offers data-driven, flexible pricing to provide a better experience both for your customer and the sales team. Contact us today to learn more and sign up for a free demo.

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