The Best Way to Handle Sales Agreements and Price Changes

CPQvision is a revolutionary CPQ software designed to help you automate your sales in more ways than one. A common roadblock many sales teams run into is changing sales agreements and changing prices. CPQvision eliminates that roadblock with easy-to-use software.

How Does CPQvision Handle Sales Agreement Workflows?

Some organizations need an additional layer of structure between a quote and an invoice. This is usually because there is negotiation or some other process that needs to occur between those two processes.

Whether you call it a sales agreement or a contract, our software can help you keep track of the data, so you don’t have to. Whenever there is a change in your agreement, you want to keep track of that data. So, you can create a contract, amend a contract, renew a contract, or extend a contract and be able to store at all points the history of that record. CPQvision allows you to do that track all the history of those changes along the way.

How Does CPQvision Handle Price Changes for Sales Agreements?

If you’re in an organization that deals with prices changing constantly, you might have a person or even a team dedicated to managing price changes. Whether you have that person or not, CPQ can help manage price changes globally and locally. For example, you could locally change a single agreement or make that change globally throughout all of the agreements.

When a price change happens, the sales team gets notified. So, there’s a level of collaboration that occurs between the sales team people who are affected, so no one is surprised.

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