The Future of Purchasing Changes the Way You Sell

Though COVID-19 changed many things in our lives, one thing that it has really impacted is the way that purchasers want to purchase.

According to research, 35% percent of purchasers have switched to wanting to purchase without a sales rep. Work from home has really adjusted how people have come to expect to purchase now.

In addition, they expect a fast response, accuracy in inventory, and transparency in their pricing – if they are getting a discount, they want to know why.

How Can CPQvision Help You Sell Better Online?

Through CPQvision, you can enable your website to allow for a customer to directly compare a product and create a quote – all by themselves within a few minutes!

CPQvision also offers you the ability to share discounts multipliers that affect their price. So, if you want to give them visibility, they can see that visibility.

Integration with Your Current Systems

CPQvision also easily integrates into systems like Salesforce. You can immediately push an opportunity to Salesforce or to your CRM and separately send emails to the sales team or administrators to follow up on quotes.

Learn More About CPQvision

If you are interested in learning more about how CPQvision can help your business create a more effective, efficient, and appealing sales process, contact us today! You can also sign up for a free demo of the software here.

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