Top 4 Insights that Lead to Market Share and Revenue

Once you’ve got data from your quoting system, there are all sorts of takeaways and use to modify your strategy for future quotes. In this week’s blog, we will discuss the top four!

What are the top four insights that lead to market share and revenue using CPQvision?

1. Managing Excessive Discounts

Gaining insight into your historical discounts can really help your company save money by monitoring future discounts or even putting a plan into place which only allows so many discounts in a given sales cycle, etc.

With CPQvision, you can limit the ability to create discounts.

2. Improve Quoting to Contracting

Once you’ve gotten to look at your data with CPQvision, you’ll notice that your process for quoting to contracting is significantly improved – some things that used to take days now only takes a few hours.

This is because the customer can now accurately create their quote themselves, which is then reviewed by the sales member, and then it’s moved into invoicing. The savings here are huge!

3. Pricing Adjustments

You’re also going to gain insights on any sort of adjustments that need to be made in your negotiated prices. Depending on how often a customer orders or the quantities they’re ordering, you can offer up-to-the-minute negotiated pricing. You can also notify the customer when your prices change, again depending on how often they buy from you, quantities, discounts, etc.

4. Customer’s Willingness to Pay

By understanding your data through CPQvision, you’ll be able to gain insights into a customer’s willingness to pay and potentially change their margins, so you get better basis points and increase your profitability.

Why CPQvision?

Our pricing and quote software was designed to help you increase profitability and efficiency while offering an expectational customer experience.

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