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Fast and Easy Product Configuration

One of the most beneficial aspects of CPQvision for a sales team is the ease of configuration. Our system makes it so simple that even your customers can build their own quotes. Not only does CPQvision do all of the heavy lifting to build a quote quickly and accurately, but it also comes equipped with a built-in CRM making it the whole sales package!

Integrated CRM within CPQvision

Why is it Beneficial to Have an Integrated CRM?

With CPQvision, not only do you get access to the best product configuration software, but you also gain access to our built-in CRM to better your user experience.

Easily share the quotes you just created to your current customers or prospect either with CPQvision’s CRM or by integrating Salesforce and other third-party CRM applications into your CPQ platform.

Why Choose Us

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in custom software development, CPQvision is well-equipped to help your company deploy your own CPQ tools with customizable pricing for you and your customers.


Pricing applied based on customer/user. It's easily editable so it can always be current and up-to-date.