What Challenges Do B2B Businesses Face with Digital Selling?

Digital Selling is the Key to Winning B2B During COVID-19

In the age of COVID, retaining customers is essential, so why are B2B businesses struggling to keep their customers? For so many purchasers today, a lack of efficiency, security, or consistency will lead customers to go elsewhere.

Lacking Transparency

Transparency is essential for customer retention. If your customers cannot see inventory items or inventory quantity, they might leave for one of your competitors. For example, if they don’t know what items are available during the purchasing process or if they don’t know how long it will take to receive the items, it is far more likely that they will take their business elsewhere.

Inconsistent Pricing

When your customers are configuring their prices and they see one price, but then they check back again and see a different price, they will lose trust in your business. In fact, 35% of people will leave and never come back.

Inefficient Responsiveness

Slow or inefficient responsiveness, whether that’s in the system itself or in terms of the response that they get after making the purchase, will lead them to reconsider. Again 3/10 people will leave after a bad experience.

How Can CPQvision Help B2B Businesses?

Everything we do at CPQvision is about accelerating the purchasing process and keeping it consistent. Our backend products ensure that the purchasing process is always the same. Likewise, our frontend solutions make sure that the user experience is top-notch with quick response times.

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If you are interested in learning more about how CPQvision can help your business with B2B digital selling, continue to explore our website, check out our video library for more informational videos like this, and contact us today!

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