Why Does Pricing Matter in a Successful CPQ Strategy? Part 1

Why Does Pricing Matter in a Successful CPQ Strategy?

Welcome to CPQvision’s three-part series on the importance of pricing in a successful CPQ strategy. In each installment of this mini-series, we will discuss two of the reasons why having an autonomous and flexible pricing process is essential to business growth and management.

1. Flexible, Unified Pricing

84% of companies still use spreadsheets to manage their pricing strategy. This antiquated pricing and quoting approach leaves so much room for error and takes way too long! Likewise, most systems that companies are using are not built for easy price management.

ERP systems or CRM systems, for example, are not built for flexible, unified pricing. You need to have your pricing all in one place.

2. Streamline Your Price Changes

A successful pricing software should provide you with automation. Being able to change items on a macro level, but also being able to select a very granular level and say, I just want to find certain quotes for certain customers, for certain materials and drill down just to those items.

Why Choose CPQvision?

Only CPQvision gives you the options to control the level, whether macro or micro, on price changes. And, CPQvision allows you to have all of your prices in a single location and lets you integrate to other systems like a CRM or an ERP. It lets the pricing team make macro changes when needed to all of your prices at one time!

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