Why Does Pricing Matter in a Successful CPQ Strategy? Part 2

Last week, we discussed two reasons as to why pricing matters in a successful CPQ strategy. This week, we are focusing on making data-driven decisions.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

1. Analyzing Data

You need a system that’s has the ability to give you data-focused pricing decisions. Ideally, you want to have a system that’s going to integrate with price tracking systems where you might have millions of records that you need to analyze.

With CPQvision, you can automate data tracking from different sources and compare so that you can start to see trends. Then you can apply those trends to predict the effectiveness of your pricing changes on your sales.

You want to have a system like CPQvision that is going to let you collect and analyze data and compare different scenarios.

2. Reporting Data

Once you have your projection from tracking and analyzing your data, you need to be able to share that information. With CPQvision, you can create custom dashboards for your pricing teams and executive teams.

You can also easily create custom PDF reports that can be generated for you or for your executives/ C suite teams.

How Does the Demo Work?

You can build a demo immediately with your real data by uploading the information from the estimating tools you are already using. Within an hour, you see how much of an impact CPQvision will have on your business.

Learn More About CPQvision

If you haven’t seen last week’s vlog on Flexible, Unified Pricing, and Streamlining Your Price Changes, check it out here. And, stay tuned for next week’s blog for two more important things to keep in mind when searching for the best CPQ system.

If you have any questions about CPQvision, contact us today and make sure to sign up for your free demo!

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